Born In The Food Truck Business

Jorge Jr. Gomez
President and CEO

Jorge Jr Gomez began working on catering trucks at age thirteen for his father’s company, in Los Angeles Ca. At the age of fifteen he discovered a talent that would help his fathers business in drafting blueprints for catering trucks. After working there for a couple years he decided to venture on a new business journey of mobile detailing. One day after detailing his  fathers corvette, Jr realize his real calling was food trucks. He sold the business and returned to work with his father and became his right hand man.

Old school vs New school
Senior had his old school techniques building taco trucks since the 90’s and was against new changes. In late 2000’s Jr was in charge of the entire operation and wanted to take the company in a different direction which his father did not approve of this lead Jr to open his own company.

Setting The Standard In Mobile Kitchens
In 2012 So Cater Truck Inc. was born in the city of Commerce Ca. within the first 3 months of business Jr had to expand to a larger facility to be able to produce his high demanding quality trucks to new generation owners.

Our headquarters are located in Bell Gardens Ca. We plan to take the industry to the next level our team has carefully chosen to bring you the best trucks built right.